Hands Of The Artists This series of Wet Plate Collodion Ambrotype boxes was made during a collaboration between photographer Brett Henrikson and glass artist Hannah Kirkpatrick. Putting our skill sets through a synthesis, combining our knowledge of the 19th century wet plate process and artisan glass work. Our focus was on the intimate physical tools of the artists that we posses, to see the world and to mould it; our hands. These images are a push and pull of forces, a gestural of tug of war between the spatial flatness of photographs and the defying nature of creating a three- dimensional object. The tension between the intrinsic interaction of the plates and their black glass edges keep the viewer in a state of anticipation as they fumble and grapple the box in an attempt to find viewing closure. Trapped in a struggle to fit parts together, turning the object over and over to reveal only that their hands are adding an element of creation to the piece. A physical interaction between the glass and the skin, that leaves a sense of magic and illusion for the viewer to behold.