Collodion Portraits


Collodion is a handmade form of photography; it’s an intimate process that requires large amounts of time in preparation. Each image is made by hand coating Collodion mixed with ether onto a pane of glass then submerging it into a silver nitrate solution turning these separate inert chemicals into a tool to capture the world. Collodion is as close to alchemy as there is, the process is done in the dark and is able to turn the glass and silver into a beautiful object. Skin becomes metallic, and the slow nature of working in the darkroom takes on a meditative quality. The portraits are of friends and couples, who sit for me. They are not meant to be over the top images, I seek a simple intimacy in the photographs. I aim for the images to take on the same meditative state that the process offers me in the darkroom, a simple beauty, a quiet intimacy.


I welcome commissions, and hope that photographs like these will carry weight and eventually take on the status of an heirloom.