Chaotic forms

Most photographs serve as a conduit for realism providing the viewer with a window into our world. The images for Chaotic Forms are broken windows; silver shards created through destruction echoing a dialogue with dark dreams from a long forgotten past. In these dreams skin becomes metallic and I let the light guide my sense of mysticism into somewhere new that only exists on the ether and in the shimmering light from my darkroom trays and from behind my eyes. In dialogue with classical painting and sculpture, Chaotic Forms allows for the surreal and the deceptive to enter back into the photograph. The slow nature of working in the darkroom takes on a meditative quality, the red light and glass plates dance in the shadows with endless possibility. I show the viewer smoke and mirrors, intimate forms and dark beauty.

-All Images are Silver Gelatin Contact Prints from Cut and Arranged Wet Plate Collodion Negatives.  Made between 2014-2016 and range in size from 8x10-20x24inches